Model No: KCPL-VF-SE Series

Tuning Fork Level Switch

Kuncham Controls Tuning Fork Level Switch is a mechanical resonant device which is excited by piezoelectric (PZT) elements. When the measured medium comes into contact with the tuning fork, it will change the feedback resonant frequency due to the damping resonances between the exciting PZT and receiving, PZT.

By detecting the frequency and appropriately tuning the sensitivity of Tuning Fork Level Switch on measured material, such device can easily operate for monitoring the alarm level of measured material.

    Product Features:
  • Complete electrical design circuit, Maintenance free
  • Without effect of foam and powder
  • Special tuning fork design and its inherent vibration characteristic which ensure the function of automatic elimination and maximally prevent material hanging
  • Housing Material  :   Die-Cast Aluminum
  • IP Protection  :   IP65
  • Fork Material  :   SS316
  • Fork Length  :   110mm
  • Mounting  :   Threaded 1” NPT/BSP
  • Electrical Connection  :   ¾” NPT
  • Process Pressure  :   -1 TO 40 BAR
  • Supply Voltage  :   110~220VAC/24 VDC,50/60Hz
  • Output  :   Relay DPDT 5A/230VAC /24VDC
  • Power Consumption  :   3W
  • Ambient Temperature  :   -40C~60C
  • Process Temperature  :   -40C~130C
  • Signal Output  :   Relay, DPDT, 5A/230VAC/ 24VDC
  • Minimum Material Density  :   0.7g/cm3
  • Time Delay  :   0.6 Second/Operate; 1~3Seconds/Reset
  • Vibrating Frequency  :   350~370Hz
  • Selectable Fail-Safe  :   Hi / Lo.
  • Selectable Sensitivity  :   Hi / Lo.
Finds applications

Liquids, solids, particles and powder with good fluidity in various fields.

Other Information

Installation Method: Vertical or Horizontal installation