Safety Relief Valve

Safety / Pressure Relief Valaves are used for vapor, gas and liquid for over pressure protection. This conventional Safety / Pressure Relief Valves are versatile, safe & interchangeable.

  • Type  :   Conventional
  • Seat  :   Metal Seat
  • Sizes  :   From 1/2" to 10"
  • Rating  :   150-1500#
  • End Connection  :   Flanged, Socket, Screwed, TC End
  • Material  :   Carbon, Alloy, Stainless Steel and Super Alloy Steel
  • Option  :   Bellow Arrangement to Prevent Back Pressure Effect
  • High Efficiency Spring.
  • Rugged Construction.
  • High Efficiency And Better Performance.
  • Soft Seating Arrangement for Tight Shut-off.
  • Stellated Trims for High Pressure and Temperature.
  • Replaceable Nozzle & Easy Maintenance Procedure.
  • The Material Selection of Guiding Components with Self-Aligning disc ensure no Failing of Guiding Surface.
Finds applications in Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemical, Petrochemical, Process and Power Applications.