Model No: KCPL-FSS-WP Series

Flow Switch With Flameproof Enclosure

Flow switch is a special electric device with a very simple design and of a small size. But despite of its simplicity, flow switch plays important role in the variety of different applications.

These devices are used with the purpose to protect a pump and when the flow of air, gas or liquid through the specific line is needed to be monitored. Also, the alarms can be triggered with the help of them when it is necessary. Switches may be specific to a type of application.

  • Field adjustable set point adjustment screw allows for easy flow switch modification.
  • Custom application set-points enabled by field adjustable vane layers.
  • Aluminium weatherproof housing permits outdoor installation.
  • Fluid  :   Clear Liquid & Gases
  • Density  :   Upto 2.95
  • Viscosity  :   Upto 20CP
  • Design Temp  :   Upto 160C
  • Design Pressure  :   Upto 7 Kg/Cm2
  • Range  :   2.2 to 800 M³/hr of Water /Liquid
    0.1 to 300 Nm³/hr of Air/Gas at NTP
  • Line Size  :   25 NB to 150 NB
  • Available Material  :   Brass/SS316
  • Connection  :   1” BSP (M)/1″ NTP (M)
  • Accuracy  :   ±1% of FSD
  • Pump protection
  • Safety spray nozzle monitoring
  • Cooling water or heat exchangers
  • Oil well system testing
  • Drain line flow
  • Relief valve monitoring
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