End of Line Flame Arrester

End of line flame arrester is fitted at the end of the vent line. Even at a small pressure difference between storage tank and atmosphere, gas steam & aerosol escapes through the vent. If this gas, vapor or aerosol is ignited, then flame will propagated through the vent line into storage system.

End of line flame arresters stops flame propagation at atmospheric explosion before flame enters into storage tank.

  • Size  :   1" (DN25) to 12" (DN300)
  • Design Pressure  :   10 Barg
  • Design Temperature  :   120 Deg C
  • Operating Temperature  :   60 Deg C
  • Rating  :   150# (Higher ratings on request)
  • End Connection  :   Flanged (As per ASME B16.5)
  • Rugged Construction
  • High Efficiency and Better Performance
  • The Material Selection of Guiding Components High Efficiency Spring
    Standard Material of Construction:
  • Body  :   A216 Gr. WCB / A351 Gr. CF8 / A351 Gr.
    CF8M / A351 Gr. CF3 / A351 Gr. CF3M
  • Element Plate  :   SS 316
  • Element Mesh  :   SS 321
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